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The Betting Tips Team is a team of professional Tipsters, specialized in sports betting, and whose members have already proven their good results in the past, on their benchmark sports.

Every day, on our Telegram channel, find all the betting tips offered by the team, on different sports according to the opportunities of the day.

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Each tipster is specialized in a specific sport, each with in-depth knowledge and very good long-term results.

The most common sports are football, tennis and basketball, but we can bet on all sports, we have no restrictions, so as not to miss any great winning opportunity that may arise at a particular sporting event.

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For the moment, access to our betting tips via our Telegram channel is completely free and open to all. No registration, personal information or payment will be required, just subscribe to our channel to follow all our betting tips every day.
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Dear visitors, dear subscribers,

Today, the world of sports betting is a world without mercy. Bookmakers, which are private companies, are multiplying. This means that they are the winners of the game, as are the casinos. Statistics tell us that 94% of sports bettors are losers in the long term.

You have to stop dreaming and believing all these sites and other social networks that promise you excessive gains, often at unreasonable prices, and often not presenting any concrete results.

Today, if you want to generate gains in your sports betting, it is essential to properly manage your bankroll and your bets on each betting tips. Without it, we can guarantee that you will lose all your money, whether in the short, medium or long term.

At Team Betting Tips, we don't promise you anything, we only ask you to judge us on our balance sheets, monthly and yearly, so that we can get a personal idea of ​​our results.

The only thing we can assure you is the professional quality of our platforms and the work done to find the right betting tips that will surely allow you to finally become winning bettors. 

Access to all of our betting tips is completely free, without any commitment and even without asking you for any personal information. We are not here to generate money through our platform, but help anyone who wants to become winning bettors in their sports betting. it is a crusade that we are leading against the bookmakers !

We want to create a very large community so that anyone can benefit from our advices.The only thing we can ask you, if you are satisfied with our services, is to share our channel with your friends in order to increase our popularity.

We wish you the best possible success.

Florent, Team Betting Tips Manager